First Group Meeting - Thursday, February 24

Our first informational meeting was really successful! We asked anyone who was interested in Project C to drop by my(Tony) house to talk about their thoughts, fears, and interests in the project. We seem to have a really strong team of 25 talented students and non-students, with skills that vary from story-telling, photography, web development, design, videography, and even marketing.

We explained the project and started to talk about our next steps in the process. For the rest of this Winter quarter, Project C will be meeting every Thursday in order to brand and prep the project for next quarter. In order to keep in close contact with the team, we will be creating a secret group on Facebook.

The team is getting excited, we could all feel it in the air.


Clicking Creates Change

The Project C blog is going to be used in order to show the process work and progress of our project which is ultimately aiming to give back to the community of which we are a part. (More on our project concept to come soon)

Our first major meetings were used in order to layout the business plan of our project, initially dubbed the "Help Athens" project. A quick thank you is in order to Brandon Logan for helping us set up the outline of our business plan. We will post a PDF version when we are satisfied with its content and wording.

As we (we being: Tony Guglielmi, Annette Drupac, and Kyle Ackley) sat in a meeting last Sunday, we found ourselves becoming more frustrated with the name "Help Athens" because we know this project was something that won't just necessarily stop in the Athens community. We want it to grow.

So how did we come up with the name Project C?

We pulled up the whiteboard sitting across the room, and began writing down keywords that came to our mind about the project. Some examples of our key words are: community, change, world, life, cause, create change, people, culture, social, motivate.

After taking a step back we noticed that we had actually created a list of words where a majority started with the letter "C". As we pondered this thought, the three of us all asked the same question, "What do we ultimately want our users to do? . . . CLICK!" Thus our motto "clicking creates change" was created and Project C had a name which was more fitting to represent its motivation.