About Project C

Our Mission

To create a multimedia-based project that informs, inspires, and calls its audience to become more involved in their local community.

Project Description

Part 1: The Stories
Visitors of our website, www.clickingcreateschange.com, are able to view and share stories that are created, filmed, photographed, and edited by our team of students and alumni. We spend about one academic quarter in full production. In our first year, we showcased four Athens nonprofit organizations. Their “packages” included a short video documentary, interactive information-graphic (statistics, how to get involved), and a portrait series. 
       2011 Featured Organizations
  • Good Works, Inc.
  • Habitat for Humanity (Ohio University Chapter)
  • Community Food Initiatives
  • Jethro Project

Part 2: The Voting
A main feature of our website is the ability to vote for the nonprofit of your choice with a single ‘click’ of your mouse. Voting encourages visitors to spend time on the site to learn about these nonprofits. Visitors are allowed two votes per day for five days. At the end of time period, the funds raised by our team will be divided and donated to each organization according to their percentage of votes received. 

Part 3: The Fundraising
In 2011, we raised $1,075.00, which was divided and donated to the four nonprofit organizations. Our funds solely came from donations from friends and family members of the Project C team. We aim to roughly double our funds to $2000 and expand our donor population to local businesses and organizations. You can donate online until May 14th 11:59PM PST on our Indiegogo page: http://www.indiegogo.com/clickingcreateschange?a=494157

Target Audience

Our target audience is the
 local community members who will come to the site to vote. With this in mind, we utilize web-safe standards that allow this project to be accessible from all operating systems and browsers, old and new. We have also optimized the site to run smoothly even on dial-up connections. There is a secondary audience of outside communities and students. We want to set a model for how people can give back to their communities with projects and efforts such as Project C.


roject C 2012 will take place during the spring quarter at Ohio University (late March – early June). The launch of the site and the beginning of voting is set for May 28, 2012. The voting will close on June 1, 2012 at our culminating event.