March 3rd Meeting

Another successful meeting! We talked primarily about stories of interest in the local area and about the branding of our project. On Sunday, we should have an array of logos to choose from and to critique as our designers submit them to our Facebook group.

We also have a tentative schedule which we showed the group as well:

Before Spring Break - Project Proposal, Find partners, Story Topics and teams finalized, Branding

March 28 - Funding secured, stories are shooting ready
April 15th - Final Design for web/print
April 21st or 22nd - rough cuts of all work
April 23rd- Begin Marketing (print designs done and printed, short video for web marketing)
May 16 - All Stories edited / integrate with website begins
May 23rd- Launch site (voting begins)
June 6th - Voting Closes (we reserve the right to extend this date)

We also got in contact with an alumni from PhotoPhilanthropy in San Francisco and we are going to be sending out a project proposal to be considered for a possible partnership.

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