First Design Meeting

The Project C designers met to discuss the web site design and color palette. We decided on a site with a white, neutral, background color and integrating a color palette we found warm and inviting called: "Ocean Five." (http://www.colourlovers.com/palette/1473/Ocean_Five)

We also had a conversation about the limits of technology for our target audience, which is primarily Southeast Ohio. With this in mind we came up with guidelines for our user interface designers to design for:

  1. dial-up internet connections
  2. vimeo
  3. growth - vertical design
  4. access to stories from each page
  5. 4 stories, 3 pieces with each: video being the main piece. (main nav and sub nav heirarchy?)
  6. steps: learn about causes, vote, ect... (fixed bottom showing where user is in steps?)
  7. each computer (IP address): 2 votes
  8. live voting update/ front door after voting?
  10. One click away from content
  11. icons/visuals
  12. plan for future projects
  13. archive system
  14. follow-up stories

Advanced wireframes are due on Wednesday at 7 o'clock, where we will discuss the possible design directions. Also, Dustin is now finalizing the design for our logo as well, and we will post it as soon as we get the file.

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