Having Voting Problems?

We couldn't be more proud of the project's reception on its first day of launch! If you haven't seen the stories please visit www.clickingcreateschange.com !

It has come to our attention that for some reason or another the voting system might not be working with older computers or browsers. With this in mind, the team wants to invite anyone having these issues to please send their two votes via email to donate@clickingcreateschange.com.

We have decided on this course of action in order to uphold the integrity of what the end purpose of this project is. The end purpose of Project C is to give the community a voice, not to limit its voice because of technology gaps or other uncontrollable variables.

We care that you want your voice heard and that you want to become more active in your community.

Enjoy the content, and we will keep everyone updated on what's happening on our end.

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