Meet the Lead Animator + One of the Project C Writers

Meet Heather Germann!

Heather is a senior studying interactive multimedia in The School of Visual Communication. Heather has worked on video documentaries in Germany, interned for Ohio University Athletics and the Kansas City Chiefs Football Club. She is the lead animator for Project C.

Hometown: Van Wert, Ohio

What is your favorite part about working on Project C?
"My favorite part is witnessing first hand how much it has grown in just one year. Anyone can think of ideas on how to improve the world, but only few actually take those ideas and turn them into actions." 

Where is your favorite place to spend an afternoon in Athens?
"I would have to say Old Man's Cave, or if you are forcing me to stay on campus, College Green never fails on a sunny afternoon."

What is your favorite restaurant in Athens?

What's the #1 most played song on your iTunes right now?
"Jimi Thing" by Dave Matthews Band

If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?
"Princess Auroa (Sleeping Beauty), so I can catch up on all the sleep I've lost over this Project."

If you were an Adobe Creative Suite program, which one would you be?
"After Effects, because I can take all the content everyone gives to me and I make it flyyy."

Would you rather vacation in a mountain hideaway or a beach house?
"Well, I would just go to Hawaii so I can have mountains on the left and beaches on the right, BUT if you're making me choose solely on one, I'd have to go with the mountains."

Meet Lindsay Boyle!

Lindsay is a junior in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. She is working with the production team on the Hocking-Athens-Perry Community Action (HAPCAP) story. She is the lead writer for the HAPCAP project.

Hometown: Garrettsville, Ohio (a bit north of Kent)

Favorite memory in Athens/Ohio University?
"I would have to say some of the best moments I've had in Athens have happened during interviews I've conducted for the InterActivist magazine and Project C. I've met so many truly benevolent and inspiring people, and their stories have pushed me to be the best I can be."

What is your favorite part of working on Project C? 
"I honestly can't pick just one favorite part of working on Project C. My top two favorites are, first, the people from the community I get to meet who all have such enlightening stories. Second, the people with which I work side-by-side. It's awesome to see so many OU students volunteering so much of their time to help out the Athens area."

Where is your favorite place to spend an afternoon in Athens? 
"On the rare occasion I have a free afternoon, you can find me at Scripps Amphitheater, on the bike path or on my neighbor's roof."

What is your favorite restaurant in Athens? 
"I can't get enough of Bagel Street Deli."

The most valuable piece of advice you’ve ever received: 
"The most valuable "piece" of advice I've received isn't necessarily one piece that occurred on one occasion, but rather some things I was instilled with throughout my youth: Help others who are in need, because you never know when it could be you in their position."

Do you volunteer anywhere? If so, what drives you to volunteer for that organization? 
"I volunteer weekly with the OU Chapter of Habitat for Humanity. It's been a passion of mine since freshman year of high school. I'm blessed not only with a shelter to call my own, but also the ability to create shelters for others, so that's what I do."

When was the last time you were nervous? 
"I don't get nervous very often. The last time was probably when I was being interviewed for an opportunity to study abroad in Zambia, Africa. I ended up going, and it was a truly amazing experience."

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? 
"Seek not and ye shall find."

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