New Features on the 2012 Project C website

Developing for the Future
A form that allows us to add a new organization to the site
The Project C web team has been working hard to improve the user experience and flow on the site as you read last week, but that is not all we are focused on this year. Our biggest stress on our team is to prepare for the future.

The website development team is taking this to heart as we begin to integrate the site into a content management system (or CMS) called Drupal. This framework will allow for us to easily publish new content each year with simple forms rather than developing each page individually. With the site fully integrated into a CMS, future teams will be able to focus their efforts on content production, fundraising, and marketing.

Everyone gets two votes!
Our log in and registration buttons in the corner of our site
One of the biggest changes to our website this year will be the change in our voting system. Last year we limited each IP address that visited the site to only two votes. In simple terms, this meant each household only had two votes. We realize that this severely limited the ability for everyone in the community to be able to vote.

The vote button on the project pages of the site
Our solution to this is to give each email two votes per day. All we simply ask is to register on our site and create a password to be able to login and vote each day. We promise to send out a maximum of two emails a year to remind you to either nominate or vote for the projects (no spam).

A graph that will show how many shares each project has
Tools for the Organizations
This year we wanted to give the organizations more feedback about how much support their stories are receiving during the week of voting. We are going to be providing graphs and information graphics that helps to show the sharing activity on the site.

The next 4 weeks will be nothing less than a challenge to finish the site on time, but as I always say, “Where there is faith and passion, there is hope.” And let me reassure you, I have never seen more faith or passion in a team as this one.

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