Sneak Peek 2012 Trailer

The crunch time of the quarter has officially arrived. The launch is right around the corner and it could not be a more exciting, but stressful time. This week the animation team took on the task of creating a trailer of each of the four organizations, for a little sneak peek at just what is in store for Project C this year. I am not involved with a specific organization's production team, which made this trailer even more special to me.

Last week it all began. I gathered countless hours of footage and watched every minute of it. Although I was unable to physically be out there filming each organization, our videographers and photographers gave me a chance to see just how special each organization is from a personal point of view. The raw footage had a lot of bumps and bruises along the way, but it allowed for each individual and organization to truly come to life before my eyes. I was able to see the interaction between the teams and the stories that are unfolding.

Aside from the videographers I was able to work with Ohio University Alumni, Dan Barbera to create custom music for the piece.  Dan has a pure talent. After speaking with him he asked me to send over some examples of what I had in mind using as many descriptive words as I could. One hour passed –– just one HOUR –– and he sent me a rough clip that was exactly what I was thinking.

I have lived in Athens for four years, but one thing Project C always reminds me is, this community is special. There are so many organizations and community members who are working to better the Athens community. Without Project C and the chance to be able to view each of these stories, I don’t know if I would have left Athens knowing just how special this community truly is.  

Now, onto the part you have been waiting for!!!

Sit back, relax, and take a glimpse into Project C 2012! 

Heather Germann | Animator 

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